Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blender Blues

This mornings workout was a little different from what I have been doing. I decided to go with a workout I like to call "create your own workout as you go!" :) Which consisted of running/walking on the treadmill for 25 mins followed by the elliptical alternating between high and medium intensity for 15 mins. Do you ever have these workouts?

When I arrived home I was greeted by this little cutie!

I decided to follow up my workout with a vanilla protein shake. (I look forward to drinking these!!) Yum!

Blender Blues
A couple weeks ago John and I shopped around for a new blender. We didn't go too many places and we didn't end up with a new blender. The blender we have now is a cheap one that John had before we got married.

Now that I am using the blender more I would really like to get one that will get the job done. I'm not wanting to spend a crazy amount of money but I don't want to skimp on one either. Do any of you have any suggestions for a good blender? I'm in the market for one! :)

Now I'm off to finish watching Full House! Uncle Jesse is playing the piano and singing!

What is your favorite kind of workout?
In your opinion, what is the best and most affordable blender?


  1. Haha, we should go blender shopping together because mine just broke! I don't want to spend the money on a vitamix quite yet, but I've heard pseudo good things about a KitchenAid model. I really need to get one soon because I'm definitely missing my smoothies!

  2. My blender sucks! I want a new one....sigh. A vitamix would be nice...

  3. I don't even have a blender! Haha. I'm hoping to register for those types of things. Your dog is so cute!!! Love Full House. :)

  4. Register for a good one that you can use for many years!! :)