Thursday, May 17, 2012

We are moving again!!

Well, John and I are moving!! (Big surprise here!!) haha. Just across Orlando this time! Since we have moved from Illinois to Florida we have moved 3 different times, lived in 3 different towns and lived in 2 different states! I'm convinced we have the moving "itch" and in another 6-12 months we will probably be moving again. :) One of the main reasons for our move this time is to save up money to buy a house! Which I am super excited about and the fact that we might buy in Orlando helps me feel grounded.


As much as I hate packing, I find moving fun and exciting. It's another change and another adventure that I get to experience with the person I love. I am so thankful that we have got to experience all of these "moves" together. I really feel like we have grown so much and learned more about ourselves, each other, and God in each location we have lived. We have moved for different reasons each time and I can say without a doubt that the first move was the hardest but I grew so much and I am a much stronger person than I was 3 years ago! I'm really looking forward to this move next month because we will be living in an apartment which is a place I have never lived in before, so it should be interesting. That's all for now! Here are some pictures of some of our past moves!


Moving day. Illinois to Perry, Georgia.


Bentley posing in our basement home in Perry, GA.


Taking Bentley for walks along the golf course


Valentine's Day in Georgia


Disney World! Orlando, FL