Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcome to Florida!!

Growing up in the Midwest I experienced my fair share of bugs. However, after recently moving to Florida I have encountered more bugs here than I ever could have imagined! Especially these creepy crawlers.. ick.
I seriously cringe at the site of one. Luckily, John sprayed our house when we first moved in and now we only find dead ones like the one pictured above. Even though they are dead I still can't stand to see there little legs sticking straight up in the air. Ickk!!

Sneaky doesn't always win...

In preparation for dinner (grilled burgers) tonight, I began to write my grocery list. I noticed that we had an entire bag of bagel thins. Which in my head I thought would be sufficient for our burgers and I thought I would save us a couple extra bucks and not buy real buns because we most likely would not consume the rest of the bag. So, hours later when I decided to start prepping for dinner I casually mentioned to John my great idea to save a couple bucks! :) Did I mention that he is not a huge fan of bagel thins? Because he's not. So, he had a great idea too! --->Send me to CVS to grab some buns while he grilled our burgers.

 Oh, and also, did I mention it was raining? Pouring. AND, an hour before that I just took a shower and straightened my hair.

Luckily, he was thoughtful enough to send me out in his raincoat so I didn't have to worry about my hair frizzing up! So... the moral of the story is...think about what others like and sneaky doesn't always win.

I'm off to watch the Bachelorette- The Men Tell All! I'm excited to see what Bentley has to say!

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