Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cacao. Good or bad?



I recently purchased a bag of Cacao powder from Whole Foods. After doing some research I've read mixed opinions/facts on the bean. I've read that it is a superfood packed with a lot of nutrients and helps boost your mood and is a great natural alternative to cocoa powder and chocolate (which is why I bought it in the first place). However, I've also read that it contains more toxins than nutrients therefore it's not good for you and it's highly addictive resulting in a list of possible negative effects on the body. I've eaten a bit of it over the past couple of days and I did notice  that it has the same effect coffee has on my body...causing me to become anxious, which is probably why I will not consume much more of it. Right now I am just going to listen to my body but I'm really interested in finding out what you all have read and studied about cacao. What has been your experience with cacao?


  1. Hmmm...this is quite interesting. I didn't realize that cacao contains more toxins than nutrients. I eat it often enough, but haven't noticed any side effects so far.

  2. this is super interesting... i haven't read a whole lot about it, but i think i will stick to chocolate and cocoa... in moderation, of course ;)

  3. i had no idea there were mixed reviews. wow!