Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bahamas/Key Biscayne 2013

So this post is really late. I mean really really late! BUT, I feel like if I don't write down my memories I might forget the small details later... so here we go.

In February, John and I along with two other couples (Sean and Tiffany and Molly and Ryan) purchased a 2 night,1 day cruise to the bahamas off of groupon for a very good price. We thought that February would be a great month to go and escape from the cold weather...however we were wrong. It turned out to be one of the coldest weekends during the winter in the Bahamas...as you will see below I'm wearing a coat during our trip!

The day before our cruise we stayed in Key Biscayne. When we checked in we were greeted with champaigne. It was a great way to start off our vacation! The "husbands" had pre-purchsed tickets to a yacht show in Miami for that day so while they were busy dreaming and drooling the "wives" enjoyed a day relaxing by the pool, reading, catching up on life, and last but no least "experiencing the spa."

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The next day we checked out and headed to West Palm to board for our cruise to the Bahamas! The first night Tiffany and I were deffinately feeling the seas. We both felt so sick. We could barely make it through dinner. (This happened to me on my Alaskan cruise and Tiffany on her honeymoon). Looks like we wouldn't survive on the million dollar yacht our husbands were informing us we would soon sail in the future :)

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When we woke up the next morning we were in the Bahamas! It was beautiful! Our day started off with breakfast and a fun little taxi ride to the touritst area to rent scooters! Since Sean had been to the Bahamams several times before he knew of a secluded beach that was about 45 mins- 1 hour away from the port. The girls were a bit aprehensive about riding the scooters especaially since we were warned by the cruise ship employees not to rent scooters becasue they can be extremly dangerous. Needless to say, the scooters were a GREAT idea and we enjoyed them way more than we thought we would. The beach was amazing too. I have never seen water so clear and turquiose before. There was driftwood everywhere! It was gorgeous!

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Once we dropped off our scooters we took a taxi back to the port however in the middle of our ride back our driver recieved a call for a pick up in the opposite direction of where he was taking us. Immediatly after he hung up, he ws littlerally talking to the other taxi drivers car to car, window to window WHILE we were driving trying to get one of them to take us. After several failed attempts he dropped us off with a different taxi driver and then he took us back to the port. We honestly could not help but laugh. We had a great time!



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  1. How fun! My hubby and I are about to go on vacation thanks to Groupon, too. =) Love it!