Saturday, March 16, 2013

Today I went to CVS and saved a TON of money!


I've had an off and on relationship with couponing over the past 2 years and as you can see, my relationship is going well today :) I've been trying to improve my "Wifely" contributions a little more lately and one of the areas I'm focusing on is saving money. John and I have always been great savers but I want to improve in the areas that I'm in charge of like the grocery and necessity shopping. This is probably the one area that I don't really pay much attention to the price when I'm shopping for those items.

I realized this past week that my vitamin and probiotics bottles were getting a little low so I knew I needed to purchase more. John and I are trying to save money for our our big move coming up soon (more on that to come) and I didn't really feel comfortable dishing out a wad of money ---> everyone knows that vitamins and probiotics are not cheap! So what better way to save money than by doing a little research and couponing before I set out to purchase them!?


Here is what I did!

I went to my favorite drug store, a.k.a.=CVS

I had to pick up some toothpaste and had a coupon CVS gave me a couple of days ago for $3 off a $10 toothpaste purchase. I noticed there was sale for Colgate toothpaste if you spend $10 you get $5 ECB back, so I spent $10 on toothpaste and used my coupon and got $5 ECB, so out of pocket I paid $7.78.

They had all of the CVS brand vitamins on sale for B1G1, and the probiotics (NatureMade) were B1G1 free too! I also had one manufactures coupon and 3 CVS coupons that used, (including the $5 ECB I got back from the toothpaste in the first transaction.) This is the break down:

CVS brand B6 vitamins- $9.99

CVS brand  B12 vitamins- $9.99

CVS brand Magnesium vitamins- $4.99

CVS brand Vitamin C- $4.99

Naturemade probiotics $17.49

Naturemade probiotics $17.49


Total= $64.94 (before tax)

I paid= $19.72 :)


This makes me happy considering a month ago I bought a box of Target brand probiotics for around $20!


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