Friday, August 17, 2012

being yourself is the prettiest thing a person can be.

Over the past couple of days I've had some time to be alone and think. It's been really good too. I've been able to tackle Cauliflower pizza for the first time, make Chocolate chip oatmeal cookie pancakes, workout for a decent amount of time at the gym, swim some in the pool, and take my little baby Bentz for some long overdue walks he deserves.

I'm not the most independent person but I have been independent lately and I'm really enjoying it and I don't feel so "blah" about life. Let me explain: I think sometimes I rely on other people to make me happy or I'm constantly waiting on them to tell me what we or I will do next, which ultimately is not a good way to  live because you are set up for constant disappointment because you're relying on someone else to guide you in YOUR decision making and happiness----> maybe without even realizing it. For me, I feel like I sometimes I sacrifice what I really want to do, in fear of missing out on the present (thinking that whomever I am with at that moment will offer something more exciting and more worth my time than what I really want to do instead). So I give up my "choice" and most of of the time I find myself unhappy at the end of the night and upset with the other person even though they did nothing wrong. My expectations did not pan out the way I assumed they would. Does this make sense? Have you ever lost yourself in someone else? Is it hard to remember what you used to enjoy before that person? 

I guess I am writing this just to remind myself that I have had a great couple of days alone making my own decisions and doing my own thing. It's great to hang out and be with the people you love (which I still plan on doing! :) ) and it's also good to be independent and enjoy the things in life that make you happy and satisfy your mind- the things that make you YOU!

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