Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eating at Home!!

Early morning breakfast!
This morning I woke up extra early for work to eat a quick yummy breakfast! I needed something that would stick with me for a while since I knew I wouldn't be able to break away from the desk throughout most of my day until lunch. Breakfast was Food For Life's Cinamon Rasin sprouted grain bread topped with some delicious MaraNatha Almond Butter to go on top of my toasted goodness! Soooo good!

Din Din
Ever since John and I moved from Illinois we have a very very difficult time eating "home cooked meals". We litterally eat out 4-5 times a week, This is something we are NOT proud of and know that we could be eating so much healthier and not to mention save a lot of money.I know there is no "excuse" BUT if I can give one excuse...we both work full time and just don't feel like cooking, or waiting for that matter. Yesterday I was off work which helped give me a boost of energy! So last night we had a cooked meal!! It was super easy too! We made Chicken kabobs and John did a great job grilling them for us! I felt like it was a special occasion sitting at our dinner table eating dinner that WE cooked! Hopefully this will turn into a habit!


  1. We get into ruts where we eat out way too much too. I try to plan out our meals every weekend so I can go grocery shopping and make sure I have all the ingredients to cook on hand. I also make extra so every other day turns into a leftovers day--no cooking required. Our weekday dinners are usually pretty simple: chicken and rice, homemade pizzas, etc. Nothing too fancy. And you could always use a slow cooker! Hope that helps!

  2. That's exactly what I need to do! I know it would be so much easier that way! Thanks for your ideas!! :)

  3. That looks delicious! Glad you found a way to eat in. :)