Monday, September 5, 2011

Fro Yo with Zach Braff!

:) Ahhhh!!! Yes, that would be me and my friends Tiffany and Molly. We had just finished dinner in downtown St. Pete and decided to go to My Yogurt Cafe for some fro yo afterwards. While we were sitting down my friend Tiffany (had a mild heart attack) overheard the cashier guy say he was a big fan, when she saw who he was talking to she immediately went star struck and busted out the camera and we got this pretty little picture with Zach! It was so exciting and I'm pretty sure were giggling the rest of the night!! Zach was the first celebrity I had ever met, so it was pretty cool! He was a super nice guy and he even said bye to us after he got his yogurt! It was Tiffany's first Fro Yo experience too, I kept reminding her that I'm pretty sure she will never have a better fro yo experience again! haha GREAT night!


  1. words can't even express how jealous I am!!!!!

  2. The funny thing is I didn't know who he was when my friend said his name! It clicked when she said he was from Scrubs!

  3. Oh my! That is SO awesome!! He seems like he would be a nice guy in person! :)