Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Things to do at the DMV....

Yesterday, John and I went to the DMV to establish our Florida residency. I was telling John on the way to the DMV that we did not need to worry about a long wait because every time I have visited the DMV I have never had to wait more than 5 mins. As we stepped in the building we saw this....

John quickly reminded me that I have never lived in a big city until now. What a nice reminder! :)

We were handed a piece of paper with a number and was told to take a seat and wait for our number to be called. It was then I had wished I had brought something to do. As I was scanning the room in boredom, I saw many people like myself, and others that had clearly experienced this situation before and had thought ahead. After DMV stalking these people from my blue chair, I scrambled up a couple things you can do while you wait for assistance at the DMV!

#1. Play on your phone.  This is an obvious one. BUT, if this is all you have it's a good option. This is how John and I passed our time. (Oh, and we snapped the following pictures too! :) )

#2. Listen to Music or Read a book! 

 #3. Show some skin or a tattoo! (Just kidding!) But I had to include!

#4. Play the slots! (John caught this one!) We were sitting right behind this lady and I couldn't help but laugh! This was so funny!!!

After an hour of waiting, we finally were helped. Only to be told that we did not have the correct items that were needed. I feel like this ALWAYS happens! Does this happen to you?

Luckily, we were fortunate enough that the lady who was helping us gave us a preference pass so when we came back we could zip through the line without having to wait another hour, which made the experience a little better! We were very thankful to her!

What kind of experiences have you had at the DMV? 
Have you ever recieved great customer service?


  1. ughh I hate the DMV! I just bring my iTouch and play games. But I kind of like of the old lady's moves.. smart thinkin. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  2. That's good the lady gave you a pass so you don't have to wait AGAIN, that would be frustrating! I love the pic of the old lady :)

  3. I hate going to the DMV! It always takes forever. This is a cute post. :) I'm glad that the woman gave you pass! That was really nice of her.

  4. That is one thing that I learned about Florida DMV's-- ALWAYS a wait haha :(

    Well, at least you know for next time to either come prepared with exposed tattoos or a mini slot machine ;)

  5. I haven't been to the DMV in sooo long, and I hope that trend continues! I feel like the DMVs always have the most INTERESTING people waiting...

  6. GAHHH I hate going to the DMV. Never once have I dealt with someone that was pleasant. I'd imagine that it must be a mind numbing job to have but at the end of the day it is still a job!