Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mega Sweet Tooth!

I am a snowball. Getting bigger and bigger. 

haha. Seriously, though. My love for sweets might be getting a little out of control lately. Do you ever feel like once you eat something really sugary that you crave more and more sweets? John and I had Rita's last night and then one of my co-workers had a birthday today = cake! And who knows what led me to those yummy treats before that!

The Moment I was fooled!
Today at lunch, after eating my food, I decided I would grab a quick desert from the desert tray. I gladly grabbed a nice, round, golden roll with chocolate filling inside! Yum! Right? So, I'm sitting down and take a nice big bite and realize that this was NOT chocolate filled. More like OLIVE filled! Yuck!! I took that as a sign that maybe it was time to lay off my strong love for sweets. :)

Does anyone else face these "bittersweet" obstacles?

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