Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I apologize for the lack of blogging lately! My life has been consumed by work and other happenings! I am happy to be back though!

Bye bye to my favorite season..

Last week, while doing some shopping I immediately headed over to the fall/winter clothing. Long sleeves, jackets, and jeans.

As I was scanning across these fabulous articles of clothing I was then hit head on with the thought.."What are you doing??? You are in Florida now! It is not the time to start wearing fall clothes!" ...I am convinced this was my internal clock telling me fall is approaching.

One of the main things I was concerned with and I guess I still am a little concerned about is not experiencing seasons. Especially my favorite season, fall. I have such good memories. All of you Floridians please tell me I get to experience fall?? You would make me a very happy girl!! And while you're at it, when does the humidity go away? :)

Here are some of my memories of Fall I would like to share with you!

Football games, hoodies, and scarves!

Cornfields in October!

Playing dress up on crisp cool nights on Halloween!

Random late night Egg nog shakes from Steak N Shake with my canadian gals!

f you are from a different state, what do you miss the most about where you are from?

Floridians, do you think you could live anywhere else?

Florida friends-what do you love about Florida??


  1. Sorry...fall won't come for a little while..maybe toward the end of October, and it will only last for a few weeks before it gets cold. It's actually one thing I really miss about living up north. But it is really nice not having to truly bundle up in the winter; although last winter was pretty cold for Florida's standards. I'm obsessed with your puppy in the hoodie pic. I wonder if they make one big enough for my dog!

  2. I love living up north because I love fall/winter so much more than summer! (not normal, i know!). I hope you get to experience some fall in Florida!! If not, you can pretend by eating pumpkin pie and making apple crisp :)

  3. I love your ideas about making fall familiar!! I might have to do some baking tonight! And, the jacket Bentley is wearing was actually one of my brothers old jackets that he didn't want anymore so we decided to dress Bentley in it! We like to call him Gangsta' B!