Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!


From the Corson's!

I have been celebrating Valentine's day since Friday.

John took me to Madison, Georgia for dinner. I had grilled salmon and John had steak. We both ordered a glass of wine. (Which we ended up swapping.) Before that we stumbled into this UNBELIEVABLE antique store. It was Sooooooooo neat!! And it was huge! (I actually got a little turned around.) I fell in love! And the music playing throughout the store was perfectly fitting. I ended up purchasing an antique red closet, which is soon to be delivered to my home :) Afterwards, we went for ice cream at a local ice cream shop in Madison.

 Today, John told me he had another Vday gift for me. I had to close my eyes and in walked Bentley with my present in his mouth. It was a picture of an iPhone. I was so excited!! I have never had a smart phone before and I really really needed a new phone. (And was wanting the iPhone, since it is now available to Verizon users.) So this was so perfect! It was definitely the best Valentine's Present! So...from now until my iPhone arrives (tomorrow) you will find me next to the front door waiting to activate my first smartphone! Yay!!!

The iPhone picture as you can tell, it was definitely in Bentley's mouth :)

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